Top 5 VPN for Android in 2023

With so many fake and dangerous Virtual Private Network (VPN) apps for Android, it’s no wonder we receive hundreds of emails from users every month reporting yet another VPN that isn’t real. At the same time with so many great VPN products on the market, picking the best one can be a difficult task. A trustworthy VPN is the only way to protect your phone which also has high speed, is safe, and also meets your needs.

VPN should also have a dedication, easy-to-use Android app that works seamlessly on all android devices and versions. It should also have a geographical advantage. The VPN must provide you the required privacy and anonymity when online. While some VPN will give you low speed and performance, some will give you better speed and performance.

5 Best VPN For Android in 2023

The best VPN should have all the good qualities of high speed, better performance, pleasing to look at as well as better configuration. Here is a list of best 5 VPN for Android.

1. VyprVPN

Firstly, we will discuss VyprVPN a Meggen, Switzerland based company developed by Golden Frog GmbH in 2009. Vypr has great security features, allowing the use of different encryption protocols, including the proprietary Chameleon system, which further masks user data.

Vypr only has servers in North America, Europe, and Asia and if you are outside these areas your connection will be slower and less consistent. However, these areas have over 700 servers, so Vypr will provide great service in these areas. Vypr is easy to use, install, pleasant to navigate, and look at. These have come off the positive aspects of Vypr however it has certain drawbacks, for example, it is expensive compared to other VPN, Vypr does not keep activity logs but connection logs are kept for 30 days and finally, it has poor connectivity in some parts of the world.

2. NordVPN

Next on our list is NordVPN a Panama based company operating since 2012 and has a reputation in the market, with budget-friendly plans and servers in over 60 countries. Some key features are different encrypted protocols, a kill switch, and great privacy. It’s a user-friendly VPN with a great interface and plans under $4/month.

Nord VPN has an easy installation and a great mobile interface. These were some of the positive aspects of this VPN, now coming to the negative aspects the customer service and support are so-so also it has mixed results on performance- generally consistent, but slower than other options.

3. ExpressVPN

Let’s move on to our next VPN which is ExpressVPN a virgin based company that is operating since 2009. It has a reputation for consistency and dedication to user privacy. ExpressVPN provides a secure and robust VPN service, packaged in an easy-to-use and attractive client.

Coming to its pros it has servers in about 90 countries, helps to connect to Netflix through IP addresses in several regions, a 30-day money-back guarantee, over 1000 servers, and above average in performance along with privacy. Finally, the cons one of the most expensive VPNs and has limited configuration options for the price point.

4. TunnelBear

Moving on to our fourth VPN TunnelBear a Toronto, Canada based company found in is a smaller VPN company that has a balance of security, usability, and price. It offers great privacy and anonymity as it has a no-log service. It also offers a free version with limited monthly data which is a great way to start.

Like every other VPN TunnelBear also has its pros and cons like it has a great interface and many user-friendly features but has limited server locations. Has excellent privacy policy but performance is inconsistent due to a few servers. Lastly, it has affordable plans but has fewer bandwidth and speed.

5. Hideman

Our final VPN is Hideman a VPN that currently offers only services for mobile either android or iOS. It’s a great choice for mobile devices if you are looking for safe browsing.

Coming to its positive and negative features its user interface works great on an android tablet. It has mobile plans for less than $3/month. It has no logging system for paid users. Its downsides are that it has limited server selection outside North America and Europe. The full version for multiple devices is $9/month. Also, it has no live chat for customer support.


So now if I have to conclude I would say that the best way to tackle this challenge and find the right VPN for you is to evaluate your needs and narrow it down from there. If you already know that what you’ll be using your VPN for, it becomes much easier to navigate through the variety of options available.

However, if you don’t have time to search through the hundreds of available VPNs, our recommended VPNs are compatible with most devices, have servers in many locations, offer great payment plans, and customer service and all include a fair price policy.