How to Fix Error 0x800705b4

Error 0x800705b4 is a very frequent error experienced by a user while trying to update the Windows Operating system. But on the other the other hand windows up-gradation is very essential to fix bugs, upgrade the necessary drivers and to make the system safer and secure, while running any program. The error 0x800705b4 is also famous by the name Windows Update error 0x800705b4.

The error 0x800705b4 is seen in windows when the system gets infected with virus or malware, system files which are damaged or happens due to registry errors.

The error 0x800705b4 causes data loss. It is a very critical problem and an user must take appropriate and immediate measures to resolve this error. There are various methods to fix the 0x800705b4 error without any data loss. But he user must be user that his important files and folders are saved before he follows the steps and the methods to fix the 0x800705b4 error.

Here are some methods which will guide you to fix this Error :-

Method 1: Run the Troubleshooter which updates the Windows.

The user has to start with windows Troubleshooter as it has the ability to solve many problem related to windows updates including error 0x800705b4 to fix error it. The user has to follow this following step to fix it.

  1. Go to windows button and then click on the settings option.
  2. Click update and security.
  3. Then click on the troubleshoot option.
  4. Go to windows update under “gep up and running”.
  5. And then go to the troubleshooter button.
  6. Then wait for the Troubleshooting until it is complete.
  7. If in Troubleshooting some problem arises, then it will itself list the problem and will go for ultimate solution.
  8. The user has to click “apply this fix” for the solution.
  9. The user has to wait for a while, until the troubleshooter apply the fix, and removes the error 0x800705b4.

After it has been done, the user has to close the windows update trouble shooter. Then one has to reboot the computer and then have to re-install the updates. Further if the error 0x800705b4 continues then the user has to go to the next step to fix windows update error 0x800705b4.

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Method 2: Starting the Windows Defender.

Third party Anti-virus or Firewall must be uninstalled. Here are some methods to locate such program installation:-

  1. Click ‘Windows’ and then type uninstall.
  2. Press ‘Add or remove program’.
  3. The user has to see if there is any third party anti – virus or firewall software.
  4. Install date is an easy option for sorting out quickly.
  5. Once it is chosen, click on it and press the uninstall button.

Then the user has to follow minstrel wizard and uninstall the third party firewall or anti – virus software if it is seen and at the end one has to restore the system.

The user has to enable Windows Defender to alter Registry Files.

  • Click the ‘Windows +R’ and type in “services msc” .
  • Press ‘OK’ button to open Registry Editor.
  • Go through Windows Defender as follows:-

H KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender

  • Click on right button to disable Anti-Spyware and choose ‘Modify’ option from it. We should follow the following steps if we want to have Antispyware registry.
  • Right click on the right hand corner on the black space and select New>Dword
  • The user has to disable Antispyware and the user has to enter ‘o’ value by double clicking on the Disable Antispyware registry.
  • Restart the computer by clicking on the ‘OK’ button.

By doing the following steps the Window Defender will run normal and the error 0x800705b4 will not be visible on the screen.

Method 3: Using the “Background Intelligent Transfer service” property

  1. Click on the windows button and type “run” in the search menu or press win+R to open the run dialog box. As that box appears type in “msc” and then press the enter button. A list of the entire network and other services running on your computer in displayed in a dialog box. Look for the “Background Intelligent Transfer service” option. Right click on it, and click on the stop option.
  2. After this, look for the “Windows update” option. Right click on it and click on the stop option.
  3. Then go to the “The PC” option and look for “search distribution” option. Delete all the files and folders present within it. All the files present there may not delete but our main objective is to delete the temporary files and downloads. But, you need to be cautious before deleting the files as may dump some of the memory files and can delete some previously stored data.
  4. Then restart the pc.

Method 4: Changing the settings for the Windows update panel.

  1. Changing the settings for the “ Windows update portal ”.
  2. First go to the same run dialog box, by pressing the “window+R” or type “Check for updates” in the window’s search bar and then click on the updates and security option from the then displayed dialog box.
  3. Then click on the “windows panel” followed by “advanced options”
  4. Un-tick the “Give me updates for other Microsoft products product when I update windows” option.
  5. After this, restart you computer.
  6. The again return to the “Windows update” dialog box then go to the “Update and Security” and check for updates there.
  7. Repeat this step until you get your update for windows.
  8. Then reselect and tick the option “Give me updates for other Microsoft products product when I update windows”.

Method 5: Disabling the third party software.

  1. Make your computer is free from any third party anti-virus or software which may act as a hindrance to the windows update. Check for any third party firewall software if installed. Uninstall all of those software.
  2. Delete all the temporary files and cache memory.
  3. After this turn on the windows firewall and check if the error has been resolved.

Method 6: Using the media creation tool.

Download the “media creation tool” is one of the best ways to download a windows update safely and securely. It works on original ISOs and preserves original files giving an hassle free experience of downloading updates.

Method 7: Using other software Methods.

Restart or reboot your computer again, disable all the third party apps, clean the entire temporary file section, check for any virus in your computer. Keeping all this things in check reboot, the computer again to check if the problem has resolved or not.

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Windows updates sometimes totally erase the data. So before installing any windows, the user must always take the backup of it. The error 0x800705b4 can be solved by using proper tools and options which are already provided in the windows. Above all, how to solve the error, all the possible steps and methods have been discussed in details and how to get rid and solve the problem permanently.