123Movies Alternatives – 10 Sites Like 123Movies

There are many numbers of sites that promise the users high definition and quality movies and tv-shows, but most of them don’t deliver as promised. But in this whirlwind of phony time and internet consuming sites,123movies was one of the few exceptions. This site was known for its wide array of movies and tv- shows, forever adding to their booming collection. But one of the most popular questions by its avid viewers was whether 123movies was the best amongst all other online streaming sites?

Before we get to answering this, let’s start with the introductions to this popular site, launched back in the year of 2015, 123movies was one of the most used and growing streaming sites, reaching about 100 million active users. To the disappointment of the million users, back in march of 2018, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) shut down the ever so popular site. Even though the original domain name of 123movies and its replacement domain name is inactive, multiple doppelgangers have come up in its place.

But most of these sites offer content with low video quality, multiple advertisements, and links to other derogatory and malicious sites. Due to this reason, most 123movies users have started using other alternatives that provide better quality content.

Many viewers have questioned the legality of 123movies and other similar sites. Each country differs in its laws regarding the act of streaming, many countries consider it completely legal, while some other countries, like the United States Of America, have strict laws deeming it illegal. But one must always remember that using 123movies or similar sites for profitable gains is extremely dangerous and will land the responsible parties in jail. To be completely sure regarding its legality, one must consult local legal aid as they will be able to guide you on better about the streaming laws of your country.

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123Movies Mirror

Given below is a list of all the accessible 123moviess mirror sites which were active at the time of writing this.

  • https://www1.123moviesc.me/
  • https://123movies.land/
  • https://123movies.mx/
  • https://www.123movies.club/
  • https://www1.123movies.net/
  • https://123movies.tax/
  • https://www0.123movies.md/
  • https://ww1.123movies.actor/
  • http://www1.123movies.sc/

It is always better to use a mirror that has established an encrypted SSL connection, which will allow your activity to be hidden from your service provider.

Best Alternatives for 123Movies

Now let us discuss the best alternate choices to 123 movies.

1. Putlocker

Putlocker is one of the most popular and widely used streaming sites. This site is very similar to 123movies in terms of design as they are both known for its grey-green color scheme. This site, similar to 123 movies, offers thousands of tv shows and movies without too many ads that are usually prevalent with most of the other clones. Putlocker contains a huge selection of video content for its multiple users, it is also user friendly allowing it to be more frequently used. This site has the search bar right in the center of the page, making it prominent and easy to use to find what they are looking for.

2. Vumoo

Don’t let vumoo’s basic homepage and simple front fool you, as it is actually the home to one of the largest compilation of movies on the net. According to traffic details, many users have found this site to be reliable in terms of content quality and user-friendliness, as they keep coming back for more. Vumoo is known for its speedy loading, once clicked the video plays quickly without buffering for too long. It also provides fast service if used via mobiles, making this a good choice for avid 123movies users.

3. GoStream

For all the users who are fed up with seeing multiple ads, this alternative 123movies site is perfect for you. This site delivers movies at no cost and without the annoying ads. The few links that lead to their sponsor sites are very easy to avoid even if you don’t use an ad blocker. GoStream provides users everything they require in terms of content, from classics like Casablanca or to the new age Marvel movie. You could go through their selections which are constantly being updated or even search to find anything specific you need.

4. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is the site for a good movie lover. This site allows its users to rate its movies which allows the other users to easily pick a movie based on the ratings it was given. Most of the video content found on this site is HD, but there are a few SD and CAM rip quality contents too. This site contains content from multiple sources and does not host any content on its own servers which is very useful.

5. Fmovies

Fmovies is one of the oldest and well-known alternative sites for 123Movies in this list. It is also one of the most widely used sites. This site is known for containing all types of video tv shows and movies, mainly those released after 2009. This site is known for its high-quality fresh content and for how user friendly it is. One of its popular aspects was its ability to control the movie being played by using keyboard shortcuts. It means one could rewind back to sixty seconds using the J key, using the spacebar to play or pause the movie playing, and being able to exit or enter full screen using just the F key.

6. SolarMovies

This site is the most premium streaming site available, appearing to be the most polish of its competitors. This site provides you a wide array of content that you can watch. The user can search for the movie that they wanted to watch, click the thumbnail, and press the play option. Each movie comes with its own brief synopsis, IMDb ratings, duration, and other information. All this will help you decide a movie to watch. SolarMovies also provides similar content to the one the user watched, leading one to spend hours on it binging from movie to movie.

7. GoMovies

This site is one of the best sites to watch content online without any registration or cost. GoMovies contains content from every genre from horror to romance. Also, it allows registered users to request movies that are not in their selection. It also allows users to arrange the movies based on IMDb’s ratings, making it one of the most go-to sites for most users. It also helps sort tv shows, in the same way. Moreover, it allows you to start from the top and travel down the list from there.

8. WatchFree

Compared to the other sites in this list, WatchFree is less popular, but still a great alternative to 123movies. This site provides a large selection of movies of various genres. Also, it tends to run faster than most other sites. WatchFree most new movies on its site before it is even available on the other popular counter sites. The only con to this site is its use of pop- up windows when you select a movie. However, one can overcome this using a simple pop-up or adblocker.

9. Popcornflix

This site is known for its wide array of video content from movies, tv shows to even viral videos. It contains popular features from People Are Awesome, FailArmy, and The Pet Collective. Popcornflix is popular for updating its content on a daily basis. Also, it divides the contents into various genres, including a separate one for newly released. This site helps users easily decide something to watch without checking IMDb first.

10. Primewire

This site is known for its original and basic design, unlike other sites that revamp every other year. In terms of content, Primewire is on top of its game giving its users what they want. It is also known for its perfectly curated playlists, movies of the wild west to all-time chick flicks. Users can even create their own playlist. They can share with their friends making this one its kind in terms of streaming sites. Despite this, many believe that the design of the site is very basic and could use some 21st century based changes.

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Now that you’re aware of the various alternatives to 123movies, it’s time to stream and chill. During this pandemic, it is best to stay in, stay safe, and binge to your heart’s content. One must always have a few streaming sites in hand. Moreover, these sites are usually very unpredictable and they come and go. This way you can keep switching based on your needs.