All You Need to Know About IDP.Generic

The files in the computer/laptop using the windows version are prone of getting the idp.generic virus detection. Therefore, the antivirus present in the laptop or computer sends the notifications of the files affected by the idp.generic. This idp.generic threat is not just bound to a specific type of file, so there is a wide range of files which can be affected by this idp.generic virus.

For example: some users experience the idp.generic virus in their gaming files whereas others experienced the same threat while using the python file. Though this very threat is not specified to any specific antivirus but the avast antivirus users have been found to be facing the idp.generic virus the most.

When the antivirus present in the laptop / computer detects the idp.generic virus in the files one can no more use / open the respective files, unless the virus has been removed. This problem worries the users and makes them want to make sure of the virus of being a malware or a false positive.

What is idp.generic Trojan?

IDP. generic means that this virus detection is detected by an Identity Protection detection component of the antivirus one is using and the file detected of having the virus in the file is a generalised one. The files present in the system will be flagged by the virus whenever the file is detected of doing something identical to malware that triggers the flag.

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Should I Ignore it?

In general, one should never ignore any warnings given by the antivirus one is using. Analyzing most of the cases where one has to face the idp.generic virus, they are found to be false positive, but one still should not take it any lightly and ignore it completely.

The solution recommended here is to install some other antivirus program and check whether the other antivirus installed is facing the problem of having the same issues with the idp.generic virus with their files or the Virus Total is recommended. Virus Total is a website where one can upload the files and the site helps one to detect whether there is any malicious component present in the submitted file.

If doing the above method does not help to find the problem with the files in the system then one should ignore the warnings and add the files to the white list. Also updating the antivirus program is recommended to overcome this issue of the idp.generic virus.

On the other way round, if the Virus Total flags the files present in the system as a treat then it is highly recommended to perform a full scan of the antivirus program in use.

What causes idp.generic false positive?

The most common reason that has been found out as the cause of this false positive flag is usually the outdated definition of the antivirus program in the system. This signifies that the antivirus program one has been using is not updated and has to be updated to its latest version and still after the updating of the program the false positive is not gone then the antivirus program in use must be changed to some other better program available.

What should I do if I find a false positive?

The first step to be followed it to take out the file out of the vault because the antivirus will block it if kept in place. To make this method in use the below steps must be followed:

  • Open the Avast antivirus program.
  • Go to Protection.
  • Click on Virus Chest.
  • Right click on the affected file.
  • Now, select Restore and add excursion.

Though, the steps discussed above are for the Avast antivirus application, but these steps also apply for the other antivirus application as well. In every antivirus there is virus vault present and these vaults present in the program provide an option of restring the files from there.

To let the antivirus application know about the issues one must upload the file to the false positive form. This will help prevent any future false positive to occur in the system.

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The above discussion about the idp.generic virus in the system is done to solve the issue of the virus.  The steps must be followed step after the other to cure the error in a systematic way such that the issue does not occur the second time.

Using of a well secured and genuine antivirus application is recommended to not let these virus (like the idp.generic virus) to affect any of the files present in the computer / laptop system. Also a date to date updating of the antivirus program keep the virus out of bay and keeps your operating system run smooth, safe and hassle free.

One should always look out for such abnormal activities in the files so as to make out the issue as soon as possible and prevent any further disturbances so the problem is not spread to any other files and folders. Maintenance of the antivirus application is highly advisable and recommended to keep the system run fine.