ERR_CACHE_MISS in Google Chrome [Solved]

Google chrome is a very frequently used website for browsing. It makes illegible contents into an extempore by providing contagious information from no anonymous humanitarians with jauntiness And clarity. While using this wonderful application, every user may experience an error that is displayed as an “ERR_CACHE_MISS” error, we get some disappointment while browsing an important application. we get a doubt that how can we fix these errors

How to Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS Error in Chrome

We can fix ERR_CACHE_MISS Error; there are 7 key methods by using them you can get rid of error those methods are given below:

Solution 1: Reloading The Page

This is the method which we use very frequently, and a simple method is reloading the page. If the error is because of loose connections, then by reloading the page, we can get rid of the error. Doing this you have to follow the steps given below

Press the F5 button in the keyboard or click the reload icon beside the address bar; sometimes you may not clear by reloading the page, then you have to follow the below methods.

Solution 2: Disable Cache In Web Browser

All the methods mentioned above not showing a response, then try the advanced method in which you have to disable the cache option, then you will maximum get rid of this cache-miss-error.

The steps for disabling the cache are at; first, you have to Press Ctrl+shift+. I  followed by the F1 key; by doing this, you will go to the settings menu. Click on disable cache option then restart the browser.

Solution 3: Clear The Browser Data

By clearing the data of the browser, we may not get the results why because we download various types of corrupted data, and sometimes we cancel browsing applications. We may cancel them completely if this is the reason we can clear it by following steps.

Click on the hamburger button present in the top left part of the Window, then click on more tools and then select clear browser data.

After that, click on clear browsing data and, finally, restart the browser.

Solution 4: Disable One or More Extensions In The Web Browser

Some extensions Block the specific web pages so that they are to load. To avoid this is the following are the steps to follow

On-screen, we locate a hamburger icon which is at the left side of the screen and then goes to more tools and select extensions in a web browser.

Then you will be provided with a list of extensions, and you can rectify your error if you did not get any response from this you have to try in other methods given below.

Solution 5: Reset The Network Using Command Window

This method we will use if there is a problem with a network this can be rectified by changing the settings of network to default by using a command window the steps to follow are given below

Type CMD in the Run window then select admin command prompt after doing this we have to enter into some commands which are:

netsh int ip set DNS
netsh Winsock reset

After giving these commands, check-in chrome. If the error is repeating, then follow the below methods.

Solution 6: Use DEV Tools

After doing the above procedure also your facing the errors then use developer tools. These are a set of tools that are used to rectify the positive errors that arise in network communication. The procedure to use development tools is given below.

Step 1 – Ctrl+shift+I keys by pressing these keys you will be directed to the Settings menu

Step 2 – Afterward, Go to Dev tools window & select your application from various applications link which wants to remove.

This is an accurate way to solve the ERR_CACHE_MISS error. In the worst case, if you are again getting an error, then the site is unable to reach. If you did like this, you have one, and the only option is resetting the browser.

Solution 7: Resetting The Web Browser

It is the last and little harmful to your computer if we want to reset the web browser you have to change your system default settings for resetting the web browser the procedure that we have to follow is

You will display with a name hamburger then click on show advanced options. Then click the reset settings in the prompt window and then restart your browser.


It is not a difficult issue. You can clear it by following the above steps, and importantly, there is no need to download any special software for this; it is a simple one.