DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error [Solved]

Connection errors on Google chrome are nothing unnatural, but rather quite a common occurrence. Sometimes upon launching Google chrome and typing in the site address, you want to visit, you get a “This site can’t be reached” message, followed by the line “DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain.” It means that the DNS cannot find the corresponding IP address to a given domain name.

The DNS or Domain Name System is something that translates internet domains and hostnames to IP addresses and vice versa. If it cannot find the IP address of a domain name, naturally, that web page will remain inaccessible to you. But do not worry, since it is not so difficult to fix DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error.

Why Does The DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error Occur?

The main reason for the DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error is a problem with or misconfiguration of your DNS. The DNS connects domain names with their actual web servers. It accepts a user-friendly URL and then searches for and connects it to the appropriate IP address of the actual server.

This process is called DNS name resolution. In case the DNS fails to acquire or resolve the domain name or the IP address, that is when you get the DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error. The NXDomain part means “Non-Existent Domain.”

Methods To Fix DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error

There are few methods to fix DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error. Given Below.

Solution 1: Resetting The Winsock Program

Winsock is a programming interface that is a supporting program that handles the input and output requests, especially for Internet applications on Windows operating systems. Thus resetting it with these following steps might help to get rid of the DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error:

Step 1 – First, press Windows + R to open a run box.

Step 2 – In the search bar type in “cmd” to open Command Prompt.

Step 3 – In the Command Prompt, enter the following command; “netsh winsock reset.”

Step 4 – Wait for Windows to complete the command and then Restart your computer. Check to see if the error has been fixed or not

Solution 2: Using Command Prompt

In case of method, one did not fix the problem; you can try running a few other commands in Command Prompt, which may help resolve the DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error on your browser. Follow these steps for the same:

Step 1 – First, press Windows + R to open a run box.

Step 2 – Then, in the search bar type in “cmd” to open Command Prompt.

Step 3 – Type in each of these commands one by one and press enter after each of them in order to run them;

ipconfig/release (Enter)

ipconfig/all (Enter)

ipconfig/flushdns (Enter)

ipconfig/renew (Enter)

netsh int ip set dns (Enter)

netsh winsock reset (Enter)

Step 4 – After you have successfully run all the commands mentioned above, Restart your PC to save the changes.

Step 5 – Now, check again to see if the DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error has been resolved or not.

Solution 3: Changing The TCP/IP4 Proxy Settings

Sometimes changing the Network Proxy Settings, especially the TCP/IP4 settings, could resolve the DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error. You can do so through these simple steps:

Step 1 – First and foremost, go to the “Start” menu and type in “Network and Sharing Center.” As it appears, open it.

Step 2 – Next, select the “Change Adapter settings” option from the menu on the left side of the page.

Step 3 – After that, locate your network connection provider under either “Local Area Connection” or “Wireless Connection.” Once you do, right-click on it and select “Properties.”

Step 4 – In the next window that opens, look for, and select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP4). And then click on “Properties.”

Step 5 – Now, mark the “Use the following DNS server addresses” option.

Step 6 – There, type in the following addresses;

First,; then,;

Step 7 – After you are done inputting these, select OK and close all the remaining windows. It should solve your problem.

Solution 4: Reset Chrome Flag Settings

It is an easy method to solve the DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1 – First, open Google Chrome.

Step 2 – Next, go to the address bar and type in the following URL “chrome://flags/” and press Enter. A page with settings will open.

Step 3 – Now, look for the “Reset all to default” option and select it.

Step 4 – Finally, Restart Google Chrome to check if the DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error has been fixed.

Solution 5: Restarting The DNS Client

Restarting the DNS Client can help you fix almost all DNS related issues, including the DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error. So you can try it too, by these following steps:

Step 1 – First and foremost, press Windows + R keys to open a Run Command.

Step 2 – Next, in the Run window, type in “services.msc” and then press OK.

Step 3 – Another window with a list of Services will open. Here, look for the service named “DNS Client.”

Step 4 – When you find it, right-click on it and select the “Restart” option.

Step 5 – It will take a few seconds to restart the DNS client. Once it is done, relaunch Google Chrome. This reset should have fixed all your DNS problems.


Thus, here are 5 effective methods to fix the DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error on your Google Chrome browser. These methods can very well be used to solve the DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain Error on other windows operating systems as well. Hopefully, one of these methods has helped you get rid of the error message “DNS_Probe_Finished_NXDomain” that you were getting.