Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application Error [SOLVED]

The Digital TV tuner device registration application is a scheduled chore which is a part of the Windows Media Center. it enables you to watch premium Digital Cable channels of your choice right from your cable provider on your computer system. This task is carried by the digital tuner which has Digital TV to catch the Digital TV signal from your local TV station. If your device anyhow has a label of Digital tuner or Digital receiver, then the device has a built-in Digital TV tuner.

If by chance, your computer is proceeding at less than the average speed, then the cause behind this might be the Digital TV tuner device registration application error. Thus it is essential to fix this error for watching unhindered shows of your interest. Before setting, you must know about the issues underlying the error.

What Causes the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application Error?

 This error is mainly seen in Windows 7, 8 and 10. The primary cause behind this error is a process known as ehprivjob.exe, which runs in the computer system. The .exe extension suggests that it is an executable file that harms your computer. This process is created by software that generally comes pre-installed in the computer system. It is a non-system process, which is the leading cause behind the Digital TV tuner device registration application error. The process ‘ehprivjob. exe’  creates a lot of invalid entries due to the disintegrated registry and hence slows down the computer system.

 Is the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application Safe?

As a matter of fact, the Digital TV tuner device registration application has a record of being picked up by 3rd party antivirus suites for being a program that reduces the system speed. Even so from a security point of view you have no reason to remove the application but keeping performance point in view the program ehprivjob.exe has the potential of slowing the system and thus hindering your TV tuning feature.

Also, some security suits like Avast, McAfee and Node 32 are exporting that it slows down the computer with 70% or more. All in all, from a security point of view, the Digital TV tuner device registration application is safe, but in entertainment view, it creates a hindrance.

Should I Remove the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

It is reasonable why some people are looking forward to dealing with Digital TV tuner device registration application but is removing the application necessary?

Usually, the program ehprivjob.exe is not a problem when idle, but in certain situations, the program becomes an obstacle by running in fast speed. It leads to massive creation of invalid files due to fragmented registration on your SSD / HHD. Thus ending up by affecting the overall performance of the computer system.

But whether you should remove the TV tuner application or not depends on the fact that what you do with your system. If you are watching TV channels on your computer’s Windows Media Center then removing the Digital TV tuner app is not a wise act because you will end up by removing the features altogether. But if you do not have an interest in TV tuning and your system is working inefficiently due to the consumption of a lot of system resources by ehprivjob.exe, then removing the application will cause no harm.

How to Remove Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

To remove the application, firstly make sure that ehprivjob.exe is actually responsible for the consumption of system resources. You can investigate this program for high usage with the help of task manager. For that

Step 1 – Press ctrl + shift + Esc key this will open up the task manager.

Step 2 – In the task manager, click the process tab and find for an entry named ehprivjob.exe or Digital TV tuner registration application.

Step 3 – Check the CPU and memory resources that are being used by this program if the number is large [ over 100 MB or 10% of the CPU capacity in All ], then disable it to improve system performance.

NOTE: Keeping in mind that removing the application will also disable the feature of TV tuning, to remove the app follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Press Windows key + R to open up a run dialogue box type “appwiz.cpl” followed by entering. Programs and files screen will open.

Step 2 – In the program and files screen click on Turn Windows features on or off from left-hand side menu.

Step 3 – Wait till the loading of Windows Media features menu completes. Expand the dropdown menu related to media features and remove both checkpoints associated with Windows Media Player and media features.

Step 4 – Click yes at the confirmation prompt.

Step 5 – Press ok to execute the changes and then wait for them to complete.

But if you do not want to remove the application and want to fix the error so that you can watch digital TV channels on your computer, this is also possible by just following some simple steps.

Fix Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application Error

Now we will discuss some methods which can help to fix this issue quickly.

 Method #1.  Use the Resource Manager and End the Process

The highly recommended method to fix this error is to stop the process which is causing the issue the steps to correct the Digital TV tuner device registration application error are:-

Step 1 – Press Ctrl + Alt + del key to open a Windows Task Manager on your computer system[ this is the shortcut to open the task manager].

Step 2 – Click on the performance tab and open the resource monitor in the windows.

Step 3 – find the process ehpivjob.exe under the processes tab and end it.

Step 4 – To end the process, select the process and click on and process option.

Step 5 – Also and the other processes which might be consuming lots of resources.

Step 6 – Click on the Ok button and then exit the windows task manager.

Step 7 – Restart the Computer System so that the new settings may execute.

It will help to fix the issue, but in case it does not work on your computer system, then you can opt for various other methods.

 Method #2. Turn the Windows Feature Off Using Control Panel

This method can help in resolving the issue by disabling windows features to achieve this follow the steps below :

Step 1 – Open your control panel by pressing windows key or pressing the start button and typing control panel, hit enter once the control panel option appears.

Step 2 – Search for programs and features and click on it. Click on the Turn Windows features on or off option.

Step 3 – Select media features and expand the list by clicking on expand icon.

Step 4 – Find Windows Media Centre option and uncheck it.

Step 5 – Click on ok and restart your system to enforce the new changes.

If this method does not fix the Digital TV tuner device registration application error, you may try the next method.

 Method #3. Disable Any Scheduled Task

Generally, the Digital TV tuner device registration application crashes, thus preventing people from using the TV tuner feature. This method includes disabling a scheduled task at the background known as ehdrminit. To enforce this method:-

Step 1 – Open the task scheduler by pressing windows key or clicking the start button then selecting the task scheduler as it appears.

Step 2 – Click on the library and open the Microsoft folder.

Step 3 – Now go to the Windows folder and open it, and then disable the ehdrminit task.

Step 4 – Close all the folders and restart your system to execute the changes made.

This method may probably solve your problem; other methods are also discussed below.

 Method #4. Delete the DRM folder

This method is straightforward all you need to do is clearing all the contents in the DRM folder The steps that should be followed are:-

Step 1 – Open My Computer on your computer system.

Step 2 – Select the programs option and click on the data folder.

Step 3 – Then open the Microsoft folder and select the windows option.

Step 4 – Followed by deleting the DRM folder present there.

Step 5 – Restart your system to enforce the new changes.

It is important to note that this method may or may not work in all computers.

Method #5. Uninstall the TV Tuner

If none of the above methods worked for you, then the only last and the best option is to uninstall the TV tuner there will be no issue of digital TV tuner device registration error if there will be no TV tuner.

To enforce it follow the steps:-

Step 1 – Open the control panel on your computer system.

Step 2 – Click on programs and features.

Step 3 – Go to the installed programs and select Digital TV tuner.

Step 4 – Uninstall the program and follow the above-mentioned steps.

Step 5 – Once the process is completed, you should restart the PC or Computer whatever you are using.

It will probably resolve the problem, and your computer will regain its average speed.


The Digital TV tuner device registration application is an unusual problem but may take place at any time. It may also occur when you are doing other chores, like playing games and watching any video. Thus corrupting your system’s speed. The methods discussed above shall resolve your issue if not, you can try one more trick. You can use reimage PC repair.

This tool can enhance your system’s performance and might also fix the issue. You can Google the steps for fixing PC issues using reimage PC repair. Thus, on the whole, this issue can be resolved by following some simple steps discussed above, and you can again enjoy your original computer speed.