Putlocker Alternative Sites To Stream Movies Free

There was a time “If you want to stream a movie Putlocker is the way” became a commonly used phrase among cinephiles. However, now the things are completely different, almost all governments across the globe have blocked the original Putlocker site. So what are we supposed to do when our beloved Putlocker is not available anymore?

Don’t get upset just yet! There are many other free legal streaming sites available over the internet, but finding the absolute best among them is a hell of a task. Most of the time people are in a paradox of choices, so to make things smoother we have compiled a list of 15 best Putlocker alternatives present out there.

15 Best Putlocker Alternative Sites

1. 123 Movies

123 Movies has the largest streaming library among all the sites present on this list. It is the best place to find a specific movie. It is easy to assume that accessing a site like this will not be safe, but along with entertainment, 123 movies also focus on user safety and convenience.

123 Movies has an easy to navigate interface and it doesn’t require users to sign up. That’s not all, 123 Movies also give users the feature to limit searches based on various criteria like Last added, Most Viewed, and Release date. Based on the users’ watching history it suggests suitable TV shows and movies.

Even though, the name of this site suggests that it will be better for movies but that’s not true, it also has an extensive collection of TV shows.

Overall, 123 movies can be a perfect replacement for Putlocker and it can easily fulfill users’ streaming needs.

2. Megashare

Megashare is considered to be one of the simplest free streaming services present on the internet as of now.  Like 123 Movies, Megashare also has an extensive library with easy to use interface. Users can stream movies and TV shows of the highest quality, depending on their internet speed.

Megashare also provides users with an option to add captions to every movie present on the site. But what makes it a standout is its ability to work well on smartphones.

All-in-all, Megashare can work wonderfully well as an alternative to Putlocker.

3. Popcornflix

Popcornflix has been around for quite some time now and it is believed to be the perfect replacement for Putlocker. It does have a huge library, but the collection of TV shows is not as extensive as the movies.

It offers a wide variety of films, so finding something worth watching will not be difficult. Along with recently released hits, Popcornflix also has a long list of cult classics.

The list of Popcornflix’s features doesn’t stop there, it is one of the few streaming sites that work equally well on smartphones and computers.

4. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is another well-known free streaming service with a huge variety of content. Users can enjoy an exceptional collection of TV shows and movies on. Moreover, it gives an additional facility for downloading movies and TV series.

The interface is user friendly and content is divided into well-organized categories. Users can easily search for their favorite shows and films with a wide variety of options to limit their searches like newly added, genre, etc.

Overall, Popcorn Time can be the right place for watching TV Shows and movies.

5. Rainierland

Although Rainierland’s video streaming service is not that good, but it is unarguably the best substitute for Putlocker.

Rainierland has an extensive playlist of popular shows and movies. New content is added almost every day, so if a TV show or a movie is released recently, there is a chance that Rainierland will have it first.

All in all, Rainerland is a good tool for streaming movies and TV shows but it is not ad-free.

6. Fmovies

Fmovies is another great website for movie lovers. Although the interface is quite user-friendly, it still gives a unique feel to the viewers.  The homepage is plain and simple, perfect for those who hate messed up screens.

The search option is what makes Fmovies a standout, users can easily search and find the movies of their choice. Like many other good streaming sites, the content on Fmovies is organized into various categories, making it easy for the users to search for a specific movie. That’s not all, it also allows users to find movies by most-matched, genre, and most recently added.

Fmovies is not ad-free but they not that frequent to become a nuisance.

7. GOMovies

GOMovies is a good option for watching movies and TV shows and this becomes an important reason to include it in the list of Putlockers alternatives. The streaming library is quite huge, so finding something good to watch will not be a problem. It will turn out to be an even better option for those who are finding it difficult to decide what to watch. Since, it has an option for sorting movies based on IMDB ratings, trending, and most viewed.

GOMovies also has a night mode which changes the theme of the site to a dark-color design that’s perfect for late-night binge-watching. However, the most interesting thing about GOMovies is that it allows users to choose between two different homepages.

The default homepage layout is quite simple with a well-designed search widget and a button to switch to the site’s old layout.

8. MovieWatcher

Moviewatcher has a solid library and well-maintained playlists. Users can search for movies based on genres, release years, and popularity. The site also has a section for upcoming movies, latest movies, and most viewed movies which further reduces the movie searching complexity.

MovieWatcher’s homepage is devoid of clutter with easy to navigate interface and features a well-built search function. The site works equally well with both smartphones and desktops.

9. Los Movies

Los Movies is best for international content. It has a wide variety of content from every corner of the globe and all most all shows and movies are available in HD. It is probably the only site where users can find movies and TV shows from small countries like Angola to big names like the USA and yes, subtitles are available in multiple languages.

The homepage features a list of latest and most viewed shows and movies, to keep users updated about the new and popular content available on the website.

Los Movies can serve as the one-stop alternative for Putlocker.

10. Solar Movies

Solar Movies’ extensive movie collection and the fact that new TV shows are added regularly makes it one of the best alternative to Putlocker.

Like many sites on this list, Solar Movies also has a highly responsive user-friendly interface. It is fully compatible with both the computers and smartphones which make it the right choice.

11. Yes Movies

Yes Movies doesn’t have a massive collection like many other sites on this list but it is still a great replacement of Putlocker. New content is added instantly which makes it a solid choice for finding recently released movies and TV shows.

The specialty of Yes Movies is its large catalog of interesting documentaries. It will be difficult to find some of these documentaries on other free streaming websites. So if a user feels like watching a documentary, Yes Movie is the place to look for it.

Yes Movies’ homepage has an attractive layout with a nice searching function and some decent options for sorting content. It also has an option to switch from normal mode to browsing mode to sort content by IMDB ratings or by category.

12. Cmovies

Cmovies is a great free streaming site with an extensive collection of content from different genres like fantasy, biography, comedy, romance, action, and many more. If you are facing difficulty finding a specific movie or TV show, Cmovies might have it.

Cmovies can serve as a one-stop destination for all your movie needs. It has a great layout where users can watch all recently released TV shows and films hassle-free.

13. Movie4u

Movie4u is a free online streaming service with a variety of TV shows and films. Just like any good streaming site, Movie4u has a simple and easy to use interface through which users can easily find their beloved series and films.

Movie4u’s homepage has a year-wise list as well as a genre-wise list to make things easier for the users. The search function is present at the top of the website.

14. Moonline

Similar to Putlocker, Moonline is an excellent free streaming site present over the internet. This site is home to various movies belonging to different genres like Comedy, Action, Animation, Horror, Sci-fi, and many more. Users can easily search Moonline for movies and they can also filter content as per their needs.

That’s not all, Moonline may be the only site on this list which has a Reply Video Capture facility which allows users to capture and convert already streamed films.

15. 5Movies

5Movies allows users to browse and download the latest movie and TV series for free. The downloading facility is pretty useful, which makes this site a good alternative to Putlocker.

The categorization of content on this site is so well done, that viewers don’t have to do a lot for searching their favorite movies. A mobile application for android smartphones is also available for this site.

5Movies even has some unscripted TV shows and music recordings.


The whole movie experience depends largely on the quality of streaming service, so it’s not surprising that movie lovers are always in a search of good streaming options. There was a time when Putlocker used to be the one-stop solution of all-our movie needs, but now it is long gone, so we felt it is our duty to bring a list of some of the best streaming services available in the market right now.

In this piece, we tried to cover some of the best alternatives of Putlocker, so if one doesn’t work, users will not be left stranded, they will still have other options to rely upon.

We strongly advise viewers to use streaming sites that are free from copyright infringement.