Fmovies Alternatives- 10 Sites Like Fmovies

We have always heard of books being man’s best friend, but in current times we can see that even movies play the same role. Watching movies have become a favorite pass time for all the age groups. Nowadays people prefer to watch movies online rather than downloading it.

Technology has made it possible to do so. We can stream a lot of movies online with the help of different websites and applications. Amongst all Fmovies is the most popular movie streaming website which allows its users to watch movies for free. It is updated daily and has a huge collection of all the latest movies.

People all around the world love watching movies and it is now very easy because of the digitalization. You can now watch any genre, sitting in any corner of the world.

10 Best Alternatives to Fmovies

Nevertheless, there are chances that you won’t find your favorite movies there or maybe the site won’t work and hence we have also listed down the 10 best sites to watch free movies.

1. Movie Tube

The first streaming site that we are going to talk about is the Movie tube. Here you can watch any movie of your choice by simply searching the same in their search section. You can also watch or search for movies with the help of different categories they have. Apart from Hollywood and Bollywood movies, you can also watch your favorite TV shows.

2.  House Movie

This site also allows you to watch TV series along with your favorite movies. House Movie is a great alternative to Fmovies and has a tremendous variety of movies with a lot of nice content.

3. Download Hub

Along with online movie streaming, the download hub also allows you to download the movie and watch it later in your free time. It has many options and is very easy to use.

4. Bob movies

Though Bob movies have some adult advertisements with some irrelevant content, it can be used for watching movies if none of the other sites works.

5. HD Popcorns

From all the sites mentioned in the list, HD Popcorns is the best and the perfect alternative to Fmovies with a large number of the database for all your best-loved movies and TV shows. Besides this, it also gives you the option to select the various available resolutions which no other sites give.

6. Movie DDL

The next up on the list is MovieDDL. This is also a decent option for watching movies online but you may experience some bug. Other than this, there is no other issue and has a good collection of movies.

7. Movie Watcher

So, the next streaming website is Movie Watcher. This site has a good collection of movies with different genres and categories which helps you to freely explore it. It is also updated daily with all the latest releases, so one can easily use this.

8. HD Movies Point

The name of the site suggests its unique feature which is, it allows you to stream movies online and watch them in HD. Among all the websites which have HD movie streaming, HD Movies points are the best just like Fmovies. Since there is not many HD movie streaming websites, you should try this one.

9. See HD

Just like Fmovies, See HD is just another very famous free movie streaming website that allows you to stream high-quality movies. The website has a very neat and clean design with easy discoverability which makes it very user friendly. Since it is a free streaming website, there might be some ads but other than that there are no issues.

10. Archive Movies

The last alternative to Fmovies that we have is Archive Movies. The feel of the website is a little old but it gives you a lot of categories to search in and plenty of content that can be enjoyed by the users for free.

Wrapping Up!

These were the top 10 sites that we felt were almost the same as Fmovies. So you can try them while watching movies online for free.

We have also listed some of the websites which offer HD movie streaming for free so do not forget to check them out.

Do consider our recommendation and let us know if you have any other websites like Fmovies which we can feature in this list.